Enter the Cats

Ah, my babies. Our first cat, Skittles, was brought home curled up in my 12 year old stepson’s t-shirt; he asked if we could keep her and we couldn’t resist. She was my “only child”, a sweet beautiful kitty (when she wasn’t being a ferocious hunter) who was with us for almost 18 years. She finally succumbed to kidney disease in December of 2009. This is my Skittles.

We weren’t sure we could bear to have another kitty after that; but three weeks later, on New Year’s Eve 2009 I found myself on the SPCA website looking for another baby to adopt. I found a beautiful little black kitty and D offered to go out to look at her. Well…our next door neighbor and good friend worked at the SPCA at the time. When we told her we were interested in adopting and told her which kitty we were looking at, she said: “It’s your lucky day! That kitten has a brother who needs adopting too, and it’s two for one day–you can adopt them both for the price of one!” Of course D loved them both and there was no way he could leave one sitting in the cage while he took the other one home.

Baby grandson Jojo with baby kitties Rico and Zoe

So we ended up cancelling our plans to go to a New Year’s party that night, and stayed home laughing our butts off at the antics of two three month old kittens. There was the Cat Condo Caper–we had a large packing carton which they thought was great fun, and D had a blast cutting out doors and windows in it, then taping it together with other boxes. That lasted until one of his grandkids wanted it for HER condo and it ended up eventually breaking apart.

Then there was the paper bag game, which Zoe and Rico thought was great fun–but you know how that goes, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets the handle stuck around their neck. 🙂

These two cats LOVE each other–they washed each other, slept and played together. It was so sweet to see, and we were so glad they got along.

Then about six months after getting Rico and Zoe, our neighbor told us about another beautiful black and white cat that needed a home. He unfortunately had been at the shelter too long and was in danger of being euthanized if he wasn’t adopted soon. D’s daughter was going to take him but it didn’t work out and so….Ozzy joined our household.

Checking out his new home

He’s three months younger than the other two but is SO long and large, he appeared more adult.

We were a little nervous about introducing a new guy to our happy pair, but after a day or two of hissing and showing the new guy who was boss, both Rico and Zoe warmed up to Ozzy. They’ve been together almost two years now, and all three of them still play and eat together and often sleep together. They even hunt together!

They are all three mighty hunters–so far they’ve brought in all kinds of rodents (alive and dead), birds (even a live steller jay they managed to get in the cat door!), a squirrel (dead), a Pacific ring neck snake (alive), and their last prey was a bat (also alive, that was flying around our TV room). We’ve had a bit of a reprieve with the colder winter weather, but when spring arrives, the fun will begin again…

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4 Responses to Enter the Cats

  1. happycatgirl says:

    Love your story… one day I hope I too will be able to expand my kitty family.

    • Betsy G says:

      I understand–I’m tempted to add more–we have room. But these three are so happy and well-adjusted I don’t want to tempt fate and mess with the dynamics. For now, it’s good….

  2. Paula Góes says:

    Love this post, Betsy! And I love black and white cats too (we call them ‘gato vaquinha’ or little caw cat in Brazil). I don’t know why, but they seem to be more clever than the usual cats, don’t you think? I have many impressive stories from Joyce – how I miss my time with him and the rest of the family: at the time, 8 other cats, 2 beagles and a loving partner. Big nostalgia now!


    • Betsy G says:

      I know I’m a bit biased…LOL but I completely agree with you. They’re amazingly clever! Especially our last boy Ozzy. All our friends LOVE him and one friend even describes him as “cerebral”. Isn’t that funny.

      Was Joyce a favorite cat?

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