I suppose I need to get on my Twitter account more.  I’m not really familiar with it and I feel old when I try to use it!  There’s lots of slang, lots of shorthand, lots of references to things I’ve never even heard of before.  This was amazing:

#BestBandsIHaveSeenLive one direction tehe. d3y luked gorjuss specially @zaynmalik. his i’s. i cud see dem shine from da back row. xxxxxxx
After reading it a few times, I translate it to “One Direction”.  Teehee.  D3Y (is that the name of a person?) looked gorgeous especially @zaynmalik. His eyes. I could see them shine from the back row.”  Right?
So I find translating some tweets from Spanish to English for the articles I work on for Global Voices pretty difficult.  My next challenge is to set up a Twitter account in Spanish and try to start navigating around that.  If I can get to understand Spanish-language tweets, I can translate anything!
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