Lost in translation…

A side benefit to working on the translations for Global Voices is learning about so many different issues and events I admit I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to learn about on my own:  the legacy of African-Peruvian music in Perú; social movements–waste pickers in Latin America working for social/legal inclusion and recognition of their work and Peruvians demonstrating against mining interests that could damage the ecosystem in Cajamarca; political events–a possible pardon for Alberto Fujimori in Perú; also in Perú, a new law criminalizing femicide; the mayor of Panama City resigning under pressure from the president.

The biggest problem for me is that I’m an avid reader and learner–once I start clicking on the links in the articles I’m translating, it leads to the next link and the next….soon I have webpages covering my screen and the biggest challenge I have is to stop reading all the back stories and get back to the translation.

It’s noon, and I am still sitting at my computer in my jammies, having been here all morning, first translating an article about the resignation of the mayor of Panama City and then reading articles about the history of Panamá.

The translation is done, and it’s a beautiful day outside so I really should get out into the sun. 🙂

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